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Duct Sealing

Did you know we can make the average heating/cooling system out perform a heating/cooling system with a brand new high efficiency furnace by using Aeroseal on your ductwork!?

Most people only think about the efficiency of their air conditioner or furnace when they think about comfort and/or energy savings in their house. The truth is, the efficiency of your heating and cooling system is defined by both the furnace or air conditioner and the ductwork it is attached to. It is typical for us to find brand new - newly constructed homes with duct systems operating at less than 80% efficient, while existing homes can run as low as 60% or less.

How Efficient is your Duct work?

There are two primary components- leakage and insulation. If your ducts are running in unconditioned spaces they should be insulated to an R-8 or greater; this is the easy part. The harder part is dealing with leakage. Duct leakage to the outside of your house is direct loss, but even leakage inside your house makes a big difference on how well your heating and cooling system will perform.

Signs of Poorly Performing Ducts- from the EPA

  • High summer and winter utility bills.
  • Your system’s filters get dirty quickly.
  • Dirt streaks showing at the corners and connections of ducts.
  • Rooms are stuffy and never seem to feel comfortable.
  • Your ducts are located in the attic or crawl space and they are not insulated or have damaged insulation.
  • Flexible ducts are tangled or kinked.
  • The spaces between the floor joists and wall studs have been enclosed and are being used to move air. When these cavities are used as ductwork, they are usually very leaky. You can detect this in the basement if sheet metal is nailed to the ceiling between the floor joists.

A well-designed, sealed, and insulated duct system will improve your system’s ability to consistently cool and heat every room in your home.

The Solution: Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Aeroseal Duct Sealing is a patented technology that tackles leaks from the inside out. Aeroseal allows us to accurately measure the duct leakage in residential homes and commercial buildings. But more importantly, it allows us to seal ducts nobody else can seal!

The technology was developed within the Indoor Environment Program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, whose IAQ scientists tested it. The research was funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Deptartment of Energy, Electric Power Research Institute and California Institute of Energy and Environment.

Aeroseal is highly effective. It can help improve ventilation, increase system efficiency and decrease energy costs. It is also safe and nontoxic.

Case Studies

Ohio State University Finds Aeroseal a Project Saver- view PDF
When leaks in shafts prevent the new 6-story dormitory from passing fire code, engineers had two options: tear down the walls and start over or use aeroseal.

University of Ottawa Heart Institute uses Aeroseal to Solve Air Leak Mystery and Improve Ventilation- view PDF
University of Ottawa Heart Institute first employs aeroseal to prevent possible building-to-building air contamination – finds significant other benefits as well.

We guarantee we can make your home more comfortable and efficient with our energy audit and Aeroseal services. Call us today to find out more.

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